Vision-R 800

Digital refraction for a more accurate experience

We can offer you the best vision with Vision-R 800, with refraction technology that delivers a faster, more precise procedure

Automated Phoropter

Simultaneous and instantaneous changes of sphere, cylinder and axis

Achieve Results Faster

SMART programmes to assist you during the procedure

More accurate than ever before

Reinventing refraction

Automated phoropter to enhance your experience

After years of research and development, Essilor Instruments are pleased to introduce the Vision-R 800, a new automated phoropter that will reinvent refraction for the eye care professional and patient alike.
With advanced features and technology, Vision-R 800 can change the way we measure your vision.

What can the Vision-R 800 do for you?

The Vision-R 800 is an automated, accurate phoropter that can help you to reach the final refraction much quicker than traditional methods, complete with unique SMART algorithms to assist you during the procedure.

Patented automated optical module

Simultaneous and instantaneous changes of sphere, cylinder and axis

Wider field of view compared to standard phoropter

More accurate resulting in more precise prescriptions

Quicker and smarter refraction

The Vision-R 800 phoropter offers continous and simultaneous changes of sphere power, cylinder axis and cylinder power. This enables the phoropter to reach the final refraction quicker than traditional methods. Smart tests and programmes can assist in conducting the whole procedure, ensuring we are able to give a fully reliable prescription to every patient we see.

Enhanced patient comfort

Thanks to the advanced features of Vision-R 800, you will experience smooth power changes and a wider field of vision. The refraction procedure is shorter, avoiding patient fatigue. What’s more, variation steps are adjusted to patient sensitivity, making differences easier to perceive and responses easier to give. At the end of the test, the Vision-R 800 phoropter can compare refractions in simulated real life scenarios, creating a fascinating experience for patients.

Top 3 benefits of Vision-R 800

• A more accurate phoropter to create a more precise refraction
• An easier procedure for the optometrist, resulting in a fully reliable prescription
• A more comfortable experience for patients.

Unlock the full potential of your eyes and get the prescription you deserve.

Essilor’s latest research shows that 95% of people have more sensitive vision than the current correction steps of 0.25 dioptres.

As innovators Essilor has challenged long standing correction standards and took them to the next level.

After five years of scientific research and analysing more than 100,000 vision parameters, we have developed a breakthrough journey of high precision vision: AVA™, Advanced Vision Accuracy™.

AVA™ is based on two technological pillars:

• Vision – R 800; a new phoropter that includes a revolutionary optical module and a smart refraction programme for a final subjective refraction value delivered to 0.01D and delivering a unique patient experience.

• Premium lenses integrating this precise prescription

Hear from those ECP’s that have experienced AVA/Vision-R-800 first hand…